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The home of Guitarist/Singer Krissy Matthews (UK/N)



He sounds like Krissy Matthews with those licks, not a copy cat.

Blues and Soul


One of the best British blues guitarists around at the moment.
Metal Discovery

A gifted and uber-creative guitarist.

Music Republic


He writes, sings and plays guitar like a man possessed.

Classic Rock


All the elements to become a great exponent of white blues rock music.



Matthews has delivered a varied and truly intoxicating take on the blues.

Rhythm and Booze


 If you want to hear the blues played with plenty of youthful swagger, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Rock ‘n’ Reel


Blazing and powerful blues/rock. A real pleasure!


Matthews is a man with a fantastic guitar tone.

Real Gone Rocks

Monster In Me is a beautiful record by an excellent musician.

Concert Monkey

He is rightly considered one of Brtitains best blues guitarists.


Krissy Matthews has made a masterpiece.


The more you listen to it, the more the songs and their content get in your ears.

Nordevents 9/10


The fantastic and fuzzy guitar work of Matthews touches you down to the smallest fibres of your body..
Concert Monkey 8/10

Pizza Man Blues has been delivered on time, it is fresh, steaming with positive vibes, and the gratuity dispensed with, for it is an album that has to be heard to be fully loved.

Liverpool Sound & Vision 8.5/10


Mayday is how you know Krissy Matthews and that's why you love him for his long-lasting blues rock. Flexible in the arrangement, detailed in the chorus, with a great guitar solo, the emergency call hits the listener so to speak. Thumbs up!

A wonderful album full of blues and lots of quality songs...need I say more?



When he goes electric and releases an urgent solo, he really displays his talent on the guitar. Equally melodic is Matthews' smooth, clear vocal which sounds effortless..

Americana UK


 These are songs that defy genre at every turn.

Keys and Chords.



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