Live at Freak Valley

“It’s breathless and frantic with all the adrenaline pouring out in buckets through the manic opening numbers ‘All Night Long’ and ‘I’ve Been Searching’.”
Rock and Reel R2 Magazine give “Live at Freak Valley” 4 stars.

“This is a swaggering, dynamic document of a pulsating live show. The sound of the CD is huge, particularly in the snap of the drums and the howl of the lead guitar.”
Rock and Roll Traffic

“The musicianship that is on display is second to none and goes a long way in showcasing why Matthews is regarded as one the best, upcoming Blues guitarists on the scene. Packed with fantastic extended jams, this album is one for the guitarists out there.”
Ouroboros PR

“On first listening before the guitar warrior starts, I could sum up the album in a sentence – Caged raw live energy across the eleven tracks as Krissy is the comet of British blues taking us on a sexy and freaky ride.”
Blues Doodles

“All in all, musically, this band are tight, Krissy knows his way around a fretboard and has a great voice. If you’re into power trios a must.”
Blues Matters

“This is not just a placesetter for the next new piece, this is a serious piece of kit. Ignore his zebra print sides, Krissy Matthews is a big beast.”

“This is a good, solid release that showcases the talents of one of the best British blues guitarists around at the moment.”
Metal Discovery

“Showcasing his individuality throughout, Krissy unleashes a blistering array of blues rock infested beauty in this high octane performance.”
Rock ‘n’ Load

“A gifted and uber-creative guitarist who knows exactly what he wants to sound like, and who he is…one of the best guitar players the UK blues scene has produced…a tight little unit with the right to say they put the power into power trio.”
Music Republic

“Recorded last April at the Freak Valley Fesival in Germany, it’s a balls-to-the-wall power trio fest. On ‘All Night Long’, Krissy’s solo is fast and frantic and the band is crisp and tight.”
Guitar Techniques

Scenes From A Moving Window

Scenes from a Moving Window

“…He really is a phenomenal guitarist and would stand up next to any major league player on the international stage. He sounds like Krissy Matthews with those licks, not a copy cat…” Blues and Soul Magazine, UK.

“…As Pete Brown says “Krissy is getting better all the time and is already streets ahead of most.” Enough said…” Blues Matters, UK.

“…Krissy Matthews writes, sings and plays guitar like a man possessed…” Classic Rock Blues Magazine, UK

“…Krissy’s virtuoso guitar playing is something to behold…” The Rock Club, UK

“…this album is pushing all the right buttons…” Vanguard, UK

“…There are also some cracking tunes, which always helps, and when young Master Matthews heads off into number such as ‘Day By Day’, ‘Roadsick Blues’ and ‘If I Had A Time Machine’ you can tell that he could end up as a masterful performer…” The Rocker, UK

“…Stand out track for me is Heading South, a gentle tale of life on the road which starts with understated keyboards and guitar. The chorus is all shimmering guitar and electric piano. The solo is a great example on how to play with few notes but maximum feel. Excellent…” Fatea Magazine, UK

“…Matthews has all the elements to become a great exponent of white blues rock music…” Americana UK

“…Krissy has stepped up to the next level on this album, from the songs to the CD cover artwork, to the production itself. I think anyone purchasing this album will find much to enjoy and will play it repeatedly…” Blues in Britain, UK

“…Krissy Matthews has delivered a varied and truly intoxicating take on the blues, welding influences old and new to create an album that should be an essential purchase for anyone with a passing interest in rock or blues and see Krissy spoken in the same tones of the modern day giants of the genre…” Rhythm and Booze, UK

Hit The Rock

Hit The Rock

“Hit the Rock is a great record and a MUST for any blues enthusiast”.  Classic Rock Magazine, UK

“If you want to hear the blues played with plenty of youthful swagger, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.” – R2 Rock ‘n’ Reel Magazine, UK

“There is no mystery behind what makes Krissy a great musician and vocalist, he knows how to turn the quality button up to eleven and back at just the right moments…” – Maverick Magazine, UK

“9/11” Eclipse, Germany

“Matthews knows his instrument with a stunning virtuosity. Hard to believe that he is only 19 years old.” Diabolo Mox, Germany

Allen In Reverse

Allen In Reverse

“A stunning example of innovative blues. Great promise for the future.” (Jazzism, Winter 2010)

“Matthews could well be in the ‘uncut diamond’ fall.” (Guitarist Netherlands, January 2010)

“Allen In Reverse could be a major breakthrough on the European continent.” (Keys & Chords, 7 December ’09)

“This album is a hit and also includes a number of promises in store… an excellent guitarist.” (Roots Ville)